My very first step on Chinese ground

During the night it has blown really, but Hilleberg’s Allak is also able to manage this kind of weather
Have slept so-so but ten hours may still be considered satisfactory. Before crossing the Kyrgyzstan border, I stoped at the same cart as last night and order coffee, two fried eggs and a fried bread.

I  brought with me two cans of yogurt and some sweet buns that I bought yesterday in Nura.

The passage through the first of three control stations was painless and to the first of the Chinese pass controls it was only 3 km.

Even here it went painless and here I also met on the New Zealand couple I cycled past yesterday and it would turn out that we are doing company for a number of days to Kashgar.

After a another few more kilometers, we reach the Chinese border, which has the same name as that of Kyrgyzstan. or Simhana as some maps shows.

This control station, Immigration Inspections Passage was also painless, no problem at all.

The time now is 9.45 Kyrgyzstan time and 11.45 Beijing time

My first step ever on Chinese ground

Here in Irkeshtam or Simhana we have to wait for the goodwill of the Chinese authorities.

They take care of our passports, mobiles and touchpads and say that we  are not allowed to continue with our bicycles  to Ulugqat, we must take a taxi. We had to wait more than three hours before we get off.

Waiting, waiting and more waiting…. The womens name is Diane and her husbands name is Rhys.

In front of us a policecar as a guide or … ?

The road to Ulugqat is good and the taxi driver is driving safely. There will be a number of stops for passport and VISA but everything goes smoothly.

Just before Ulugqat next check and this time all the bags will be scanned before we can pass.

1 Km later a police control and a new visa check. Then we were free to enter Ulugqat and a hotel to sleep in.

Last wall to lean our cycles against before our hotel, shower, food and a cold beer

I do believe that Rhys already had checked out were our hotel is located because to find it was quite simple.

One problem in China is that there is only one time zone, the clock is 21 and the sun is lit for at least an hour,tomorrow when we wake up at seven o’clock it will be more then black.

One thing is for sure, it’s fun to cycle and hang out with nice people. Both Rhys and Diane are very nice and Rhys is calm and safe to be with, and fun.
Rhys is very similar to Bernd from Austria as I rode with last year and my workmate Kenth

Tomorrow 95 km to Kashgar

Good night
// P-G