I stayed in Christchurch for a little bit mor than a week. Four days after I landed on Christchurchs airport I got my tent back from Bio Security Authority company and now I allowed to use it everywhere on the island.

I also took a bicycle tour down to Lyttleton and the coast road back via Sumner beach.

Nice view down and Christchurch in the background

It was a little bit tough to climb over the mountain but the tunnelroad allowed not bicycles.

The road was beautiful and nice to ride. The mountains in the background are something I must confess to reach Lyttelton

Panorama down to Lyttelton from the top of Bridle Path. worth the effort every meter I needed to climb.


This day it was market day at Lyttleton

Lyttleton is an big harbor town and it lies between two mountain pass

The next few days I fixed the bike, new front and rear lights and brake blocks.

There are plenty of good and well-sorted bicycle shops in Christchurch.

Christchurch is an town with almost everything but without the big city’s stress.

The bike paths are well marked with green fields or cycle pictograms on the road lanes

Well marked cyclepath and lanes all over the town. Something other cities should follow



a week before I came to Christchurch A totally crazy person by two different shootings outside two moskeer in Central Christchurch.
it is very, very hard to understand

Ivan Mauger is still an Speedway Icon on NZ. IM has an own section at Christchurch Museum

Maori art is world class.

Pāua is the Māori name given to three species of large edible sea snails, marine gastropod mollusc. A room with these snails was great to see

I also vist the New Brighton pier, 15 km southwest from town.

On April 8, I left Kiwi House Hostel och heading south towards Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki. I have calculated with four cycle days.

The first night after Christchurch I pitch up my tent close to village Rakaia at an halting place, which there is plenty of in New Zealand.

My first tentcamp after Christchurch, close to Rakaia village between the big road and the railways which I did not saw when I pitch up my tent

No problems at all to find places to camp Green spot everywhere.

See Yeah Later
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