Last night I layed in my sleepingbag ans listened to the audiobook Ninth Grave and had a hard time falling asleep.

I suspect it was the high altitude that WHO gave me the problem but I also had a little trouble with getting too much sunlight during the day so today there will be long pants and and careful climbing up to the top

If I managed to climbe over the mountain pass, which I expect, it will be a little easier down to Karakul Lake, because the lake and the small village with the same name lying only 4000 meters above sea level.😀😀

I promise the last 200 m up was tough, Took it very calmly, did not want to jeoardize anything.

But I dId it 😘😀😀

Now I am on the tio, lovley but tough

The view from the top could have been better, but the mountains around are as high or higher. The road down towards Karakul lake was not fun, dirt road, loose stones and very bumpy. Last 30 km to Karakul paved 

Pitty this lake is dead, No fish

When finally reached Karakul and Sadat Homestay I found thats some of my spokes was brooken😞😞 and No help in this village was possible either.

I got a room, good dinner togheter with a couple from USA and and their driver who told about Tajikistan and how it is to live there. Some stories may be a bit exaggerated. Anyway a nice evening

Simply but nice place

Next day I started early but after a 5-6 km new problems,this time rear derailleur. 

Just go back to Sadat Homestay and try to get an shared taxi to OSH. I was Lucky, a Jeep was coming from Murghab whitin a few hours and they have space for me and my bike.

The road to Kirgistan bordet was bad, but no problems with border passing.

I wonder how People can live here, especially in the winter

Toilet with good ventilation, no problems with the sewers pipes

We came to OSH few minutes after 6 p.m and I chose the same Hostel as the others in the car, Apple hostel.

Stayed in OSH three nights, fixed my bike and watched the world cup final togheter with some others at a bar with gigant TV screen.

See yeah later when I going back to Sary Tash and then Irkestham 

// P-G