I’ve sleept well and the weather is clear blue sky and warm.

Low traffic, only few trucks and some Jeeps, mostley of them transport people between Khorog and Murghab and futher

I had some stop for water refiling and lunch break.

I needed not to pay for te and cookie

For me, a Swedish man it’s sometimes Hard to belive that People can live amongs mountainbike like this.

Most of the landscape is drygt land, not much rain is coming down. The water in the creeks and rivers coming from meltiing snow in the mountains.

You cant buy  very much Up here in Pamir, noodles, pepsi, snickers, cookies and so on, thats all

After the road this event is not uncommon, and I guarantees you never see a man in this position.

Anyone wondering why…?

It must be a hard labor workshop to be a women in Tadjikistan if she want to have an clean and nice homontinoue to cycling northbut of course I had to stop and make a selfies with my self.

I actually do not know what these animals statues want to symbolize, but they are magnificent

Magnificent animal

Five, six my goal for this day was ended.

Down there , the white big building is my goal for the this day. A hotel with natural hot water

A room with hot bath ( + 40 ) cost 40 Somoni, and it was worth every penny .It’s like massage for tired legs.

On my cycling up here meet a France cyclist several times and now we also shared a room, and bath.

40 degrees from natural hot water spring. Lay in the bath maybe 35 minutes ml

Next day My first challenge, climbing up to Koltezek pass, altitude 4271 m.a.s.l.

The first part not easy but I’ve done tougher, but the last 4-5 km before the peak was something else. Dirty, dusty road with lots of lose stones.

After the peak of Koltezek pass the road become worse, gravel road for more then 30 km.


Here I ate JAK youghurt for the first time in my life.

It’s only accepting facts, the roads are not of the same standard as home in Sweden.

But then …

From 25 km I saw the outlines of Alichur

This bridge over alichur river in sundet gave me gosebumbs

Teen minutes later I booked a night i a Yurt at Matluba guesthouse in Alichur.

Yurt Night i Alichur att Matluba guesthouse.

I really enjoyed sleeping under thick colorful quilts

Good Night

See yeah from Pamir hotel in Murghab

// P-G