The bus tour to Hokitika took about 3, 5 hours and the road was outstandingly beautiful. It is seldom you get to experience such beautiful landscapes.

Morning lights and fog over Lake Mapourika. It’s quiet, no traffic. You get a spiritual thought when you see such views.

In Hokitika, I stay two nights at Mountain Jade and Backpackers hostel.
I got the bike fixed, new rear tire and three new inner tubes and moreover he adjusted the rear wheel spokes

View from my hostel balcony

Hokitika is an small but very Cozy town and You can find anything you need. 

The first thing I would see when You enter Hokitika from South. Towns clocktower and also an round about


Hokitikas beach only five minutes walk from the clocktower is huge. But this season no bathing guests but dog owners exercise their dogs at the beach and they seems to love it.

Lots of dead branches and trees that flowed ashore lying on the beach. Some have made artwork from them.

Hokitika ”name art” by ther beach

In Hokitika there are also many shops and galleries selling artwork and hadicraft done by the Maorier.

Lots of shops and galleries sold handicraft liker this one. Green Stone or Jade or Pounamu (Maori language name)



Nice and beautiful handicraft work but also very expansiv.

Next morning I was on the road again with my bicycle, now towards Westport by the West Coast.

See Yeah Later

// P-G

The Global Cyclist