While I was waiting for my bus to Hokitika I took a jeep ride up to one of them.

An helicopter trip had cost me with the cheapest option 270 NZD. Ten minutes flight, five minutes on the glacier and then back the same way.

Had I wanted to stay longer it would have cost over NZD 400.

The Jeep trip cost 25 NZD and then I could have an agrement with the driver to get back with another jeep.

Frans Jozef Glacier from hostel

We started our glacier tour in the morning and one hour on shaking roads we were up among the glaciers.

A local guide told us some necessary and important information about how we should go and find ourselves among the glaciers.

The Franz Josef is a 12 km long glacier located in Westland National Park on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. The river emerging from the glacier terminal of Franz Josef is known as the Waiho River.

What they are afraid of is new cracks that arise due to global warming. Some of the cracks were marked with signs and ropes. Nearly 25 meters we never got these cracks.

This crevasse was barred by 25 meters. No closer than that

The also told us that this glacier had decreased by 50% since 2009 because of our way of life.

Just over an hour’s walk among the ice caves and the glaciers before I took a new jeep back to my hostel.

Soon Frans Jozef Glacier is gone intill next morning

It was both a fun and exciting experience but also frightening considering how we humans behave towards nature and the environment. Maybe next generation only can watch glaciers like those from a magazine or photobook.

When I got back I was hungry so it was time to make a dinner at the hostels kitchen

See Yeah Later when I fixed my bike i Hokitika

// P-G

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