Now it’s been almost a week since I last heard of me. During that time, I have applied for E-VISA via the Vietnamese Immigration Authority website.

Many waterfalls in Yunnan valley

The application was received, as well as the payment and I was informed that it would take three business days.

I arrive at Hekou, the border of Vietnam and Lao Cai on 17 September.

Just before Hekou there was an ID check and police check point that I had to stay at.

After about 10 minutes, a female police officer says that my …
– Your VISA has expired and points to the second line of VISUMET where it says …

31 May – 31 Aug (Issue Date – Expiry Date).


This page was the discussion about. Valid or not. Valid. But eventually the logic won

I try to explain that these dates mean that during this time I have to cross the Chinese border otherwise expire the validity.

The female police officer shakes her head and thinks I’m wrong.

I point to the third line where it says …

060 (Duration of Stay) and also tries to explain that between 31 May and 31 August it is 92 days.

I explain for her that is No logic in her statement.

More discussion about the validity continues at least for 20 minutes and in the meantime a male police officer has taken my passport and continues to check the validity.

Now I’m getting both stressed and angry and saying I want to talk to their superiors

Nothing happens, but ten minutes later, the police officer returns and says …

Your VISA is OK, You can go!!!

Puhh, For a while, I was sure not to be allowed to leave China today.

An hour later I book in a hotel by the river and now just wait for an e-mail from the Vietnamese Immigration Authority to approve my VISA application

a view from my hotel over the river passing Hekou

Because the image of the first page of the passport was not ”Full Page”, it took two days extra.
I had to resend a new copy of my first page in my Passport



One of two pagods that lit up Hekou’s darkness

This is the other one

This is the brider crossing into Lao Cai and Vietnam


It’s hard work to get a daily salary, even for an old women.



Full loaded bikes with merchandise waiting at the Border Control for destination Vietnam






These modified bikes are used to transport merchandise, fruits and vegetables.

No security when lifting heavy things. Occupational safety issues may not be a priority in China.

Early morning, september 20 I received an email with Approval.

At Least my E-VISA was APPROVED

Yippie-Ki-Yay this is my day

Goodby China, Thank’s for seven weeks but now I entering Vietnam

Vietnam, Here I come

See Yeah from Vietnam