We woke up around seven o´clock and the sun was raising. Both me and Bernd seems to have slept well. We had breakfast, Ayran with Müsli, bread and tea and before we left our campsite we talked about next biketrip to Silivri

Nice place but lots of empty PET bottles and other debris

From here onwards to Istanbul, the societies are getting closer and out of every village and city there was always a little hill that got the legs to work harder.

It is now why all F&S exercises is worthwhile and I have to thank Åsa x2, Micke, Elisabeth, Robin and everyone else at F&S in Ö-vik for this. Without their and F&S help this bike trip has been much tougher.


After about 55 km and at 13:15 we will cycled our bikes in to Sivrili which is also a coastal city with all that means.

Looking up a fish restaurant close to the harbor and ordering mussels with rice and salad, beer and RAKI!!

Sivrili lunch

It’s Bernd who taught me like RAKI – Prost Bernd)

Nice fish restaurant i Silivri

We are sitting quite long time and just feeling good and enjoying the atmosphere
A guest at the other side of the restaurant orders a barrel of fruit for us and the waiter is offering us Turkish tea.
Can you feel better, maybe, but not right now.

Then some shopping, bread and a bottle of RAKI before we searching for next place to put up our tents.

Just outside Silivri Bernd saw a sign for a camping place which would suit our needs and it is now we also meet another long-distance cyclist, Pablo from Zaragoza. He was  very nice, clever guy which I would later benefit greatly from. (VISA help)

Pablo from Zaragoza in the middle

We set up the tent next to his, after then we start to tell about ourselves and Bernd invites us wine

I was really tired so I fell asleep in my tent  eight o’clock with all the clothes and shoes on!!

!!!Woke up at midnight.!!!

Next day we cycled all three together forward to the multicultural city of Istanbul, but first some lunch and coffedrinking in Büyükçekmece.

Bernd our Captain guides us between all road lanes

From here to Istanbul, about 35 km, the bike ride was pure DEATHROAD TO HELL

Thank goodness for Bernd, he seemed to have FULL CONTROL over the traffic, he becomes our CAPTAIN and guides us between the road lanes all the way to Istanbul as if he had not done anything else in his life.

I promise my heartbeat was more then 100% but everything worked out fine and we ride into Istanbul in one pice – No damaged.

We ride into Istanbul all in one pice and first lunch at a small bar like Bernd remembered since last year, then he guided Pablo to the ferry. Pablo should visit some friends on the other side of Marmarybay.

Hive Five -We made it

He also gave me an hit were the Iranian Embassy was located and then he guided me to an nice, cheep hostel downtown.

Before we left, we took a beer at the Red River pub, 75 meters from my hostel and decided to meet at the same pub the night after.

I’m totally exhausted in my head after today’s hardship between Büyükçekmece and Istanbul.

See yeah later when I recovered from today’s bike ride