I woke up early because I had planned to visit one of many cliff carvings Dazu re famous for.

The Dazu Rock Carvings are a series of Chinese religious sculptures and carvings located in Dazu area.

The carvings date back as far as the 7th century AD, depicting and influenced by Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist beliefs.

It is of course protected by and listed as a World Heritage Site.

One of many amazing cliff carvings

The cliffs of Dazu are scattered at 102 locations in the Dazu area.

Impressive craftsmanship

In total, the Dazu clippings include more than 50,000 sculptures and more than 100,000 engraved words.

more Impressive craftsmanship

It is impressive that they were able to perform such artwork with the the tools they had at that time

After this amazing cultural visits, I continued to ride through small, beautiful, crooked and steep rural roads. The roads were lined with dense forests which sometimes consisted of bamboo.

Forest with Bamboo

At one of my breaks, I was asked by a man with an white SUV if I wanted to see some Pandors.

– Of course, my answer became.

The man guides me about three miles into the forest and we stay at a building that appears to belong to the state. An information board with a picture Chinas President Xi Jinping indicates this.

He tells me that there are three pandas, it’s all fenced off. I did not allowed to go in the area, just looking over the fence.

I only saw one of them, a male I think, but I’m note sure.

I any case this was my very first time I saw a Panda in reality.

If I were to see the rest he would have 150 yuan from me.
Now I got a little suspicion, I saw no other staff and the area seems closed so I answered him no.

He was embarrassed and a little angry, but I was determined. None 150 Yuan.

Then I rode away as I had planned. The slopes became more and more and some were very steep. The surroundings and the small towns were incredibly beautiful.

Some sort of cultivation with blue flowers

a local farmer with his geese who was so scared of me and flew down a muddy field

Just before half past two I entered a small village for lunch.

Before I had eaten up my pasta says a young guy sitting next to my table …

– I paid for You

I wonder how many Youth in my hometown Örnsköldsvik had done same thing. !!!

Rest of this afternoon to Rongchang was tough, the heat and all short intense slopes and then a puncture, 25 km from town,  and it almost kill me.

Unfortunately, I did not manage to fix the puncture correct so I had to steer my bicycle almost 20 km into town.

Arrived to Rongchang just before half past seven and found a hotel on the first visit. Decided to stay here for three nights. That rest I was needed, I felt completely exhausted


My hotel from outrside in Rongchang



A funny thing happened when I started watching TV n. My name was shown on the screen but misspelled

See Yeah Later

// P-G