I stayed in Da Nang for four nights and my Hotel Dangs lies perfectly very close to the Dragon Bridge.

It was cool to ride the bridge when I was going to my hotel

That means it is very close to the vibrant nightlife following the boulevard that follows the Hàn River and also very close to Da Nang’s long beach towards the Indian Ocean.

While it’s a magnificent sight at any time of the day, Dragon Bridge Da Nang is particularly cool in the evening as it is illuminated with colourful LED lights.

Dragon bridge is illuminated every night and changes in different colors

Every weekends and annual festivities, the state-of-the-art bridge is also scheduled to spit water or breathe fire from its mouth from 21:00 onwards.

Unfortunately for me, the spectacular dragon show was suspended because Vietnam’s president died the week before, but Da Nang has  also plenty of riverfront bars, restaurants, and cafes offering terrace seats that overlook Vietnam’s longest bridge.

The meeting with Philip and Beata was really fun, it’s more than a year since we last saw our way home from Tajikistan.

Philipp and Beata are really people who are fun to hang out with. They also have a childhood friend to Beata, Eve who has flown here from Aachen.

Philipp, Beata and Evelyn drinking beer at a very nice bar close to the beach

Of course, you have to swim if you are near the sea, which I also did. Great to get into almost 30 degrees of salted water.

Da Nang’s east coast beach was something I couldn’t help not trying out

On the third day of Da Nag, I took a bike ride to the Son Tra peninsula, which is about 14 km from my hotel for visiting Linh Ung Pagoda

On my third bday in Da Nang I took a cycle tour, 14 km visit Lady Buddah

On the peninsula and at the Linh Ung Pagoda, Being the tallest Buddha statue in Vietnam, Lady Buddha, stands 67 meters high.

Being the tallest Buddha statue in Vietnam, 67 meters high

An absolutely great place to visit and also completely free, no entrance fees.

In addition to the majestic beautiful Lady Buddah there are a number of pagodas that must be seen. The decor in these is indescribably beautiful and the atmosphere is almost to be touched.

Linh Young Pagoda on the Son Tra Peninsula is worth an absolute visit

When I was to ride back, I stopped beside the bike and picked up a PepsiCola and a baguette and soon I got visited by a hungry monkey. Of course, I could not resist the apostle’s petition


A hungry monkey almost jumped up in my knee to ask for a piece of my baguette.

Then in the afternoon I cycled over the other bridge to look for an hair dresser. For 100,000 vnd I became both cropped and beautiful.

My hair is still growing so I visited a Spa and Beauty Salon to look after my self.

In Da Nang we found some nice places to enjoy at.

Da Nang is a wonderful city with many bars and nightlife after the river

Wednesday morning, I’m leaving Da Nang for cycling by the coast south towards Ho Chi Minh City and then into Cambodia.

But before I crossing the border I will visit the Cu Chin tunnels used by VietCong during the Vietnam War. These tunnels lies outside Ho Chi Minh city and these I have to visit.

I say temporary goodbye to my dear bicycle partners Philipp and Beata from Aachen. You are awesome to hang out with.

We will probably meet again in Cambodia and Angkor Vat, because the also had planned to visit this UNESCO World Heritage

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