April 28, Christchurch

08:00 Kiwi opens Kiwi House Hostel and the receptionist book me in for three nights.

I got a six-bed room on floor two, 61-4 and lower bed.

However, she says that I cannot use the room until after 13.00.
She also shows me around the hostel, the kitchen, the dining area, the TV room, where to shower. What rules apply etc.

I pick upp some little to eat out of the food bag and then I sat down in the TV room which is located above the kitchen.

Looking at a news program from Aljazeera but after about 20 minutes I fall asleep. Almost two days without proper sleep.

Wakes up around 12 and goes down into the kitchen which is now quite busy.

Prepare some cups of coffee and then to the reception and ask if my bed is finished:

– Yes, now is now it is ready to be used, she says
and then I get keys to a safebox and to the hostel’s various doors that we guests have access to and to the gate outside that is always locked. She followed to my room. 

The quilt! which is lying on the bed, with a bed sheet is the heaviest I ever lift  I do’nt exaggerating If I say the weight is 5 kilo.

I pick up all the bags to my room, and then into the shower which is just across the hall.
Bike cartons I set against a wall in the courtyard, close to the kitchen.
The rest of the afternoon I make oneself at home. Late afternoon a short bustrip into town just walk around the city center and do some foodshooping:

Back on hostel I made some pastafood, some webbrowsing and the early night.



See Yeah Later

// P-G

The Global Cyclist