30 Augusti

From Zitong to Dazu it was about 100 km to ride, mostly after smal national road. The heat is my worst antagonist

It’s awful and tough, but in afternoon the sky turned into dark, dark blue and the thunder was heard.

30 minutes later my rain came. It was lukewarm and it also cooled down the air with 5 + 6 degrees.

Yippie-Ki-Yay, my rain coming to day.

An hour later the sun came back and the water vapor rose straight up from the road. Now I got a steam room instead.

Before I enter Dazu I stopped for a short break at a small store in the middle of a long slope for a little break for a Coca Cola and a cokkie


A local shop selling Coke was a perfect place to stop for

Around 16.00 I cycled into Dazu and the first thing I did was to look for an pasta bar, I was starving.

Then close to 19.00 I booked an cheap hotel close to my road route to Luzhou.


See Yeah Tomorrow from Dazu Rock carvings

// P-G
The Global Cyclist