The difference between Singapore and Pontianak is abyss deep. No Skyscrapers, fancy and luxury gallerias, the roads are narrow, no sidewalks and the scooter traffic is terrible.

Day after my arrival I took a ride across river Kapsus two bridges Kapuas river divides Pontuiak twice to visit the place

Kapuas river divides Pontianak twice

which divides the northern and southern hemisphere, Equator Monument. Twice a year march 21-23  and september 23 at noon the shadows of monument and close around disappear which means that monument  in deed lies on latitude 0° C.


Its location is in Jalan Khatulistiwa, North Pontianak, about 4 kilometres from the city centre of Pontianak.

Its not much to see, a buildning with a monument, but the area is not maintaied well. Anyway it feels a bit cool to be on the middle of the equator line, or very close to! 

After this short visit I cycled back to my hotel , Merpati for shower and a cold beer I have in my refridgator. Worth Waiting For

Next day I looked up where the immigration office is located. I will apply to 30 x-tra days visit.

My swedish passport allow me to stay in Indonesia for thirty days, but I also planning to visit Save The Orangutan Rebhab center on the island and for that reason I need some extra days.

Immigrations office lies close to Ayani Megamall, just a few km from my hotel so I jumped on my bicycle and pedaling away.

The officer women checked my pass and told me to come back tomorrow for photographing and she also told me to bring an outgoing ticket from Indonesia.

Before I cycled back I visit the Megamall just for browsing around and a cup of coffee.

Back to my room I googled for an suitable flight date to New Zealand and suitable price.

After some searching I decided to book my flight april 9th from Balikpapan on Borneo east coast to Christchurch NZ.

The flight cost less then 500 $ including 30 kg luggage. I print out my booking so I can show it for the immigration official tomorrow.

The rest of the day I do less then nothing, watch some news on my computer, google, drinking coffee and later in afternoon a short break to buy some ”Take Away Food”.

See Yeah later from Pontianak

// P-G
The Global Cyclist