Three nights and four days of cycling and policeescort

The next four days were mixed cycling. Police escort when I was  cycle through Xior. The Policeofficer told me that Xior is an old town and has no hotels. I did not believe him! After 50 km I was again free. I wonder what they are afraid of. It has been rumored that ISIS and the Chinese mafia are active in this area, Xinjiang, and that there have occurred terrorist acts. This may explain why [...]

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Train to Hotan

As I said earlier, the Chinese government has stopped cycling through a number of areas between Kashgar and Hotan. Train became the only sensible alternate alternative. After 45 minutes in the ticket queue, I received my ticket but I also had to check in my bike and all the bags. I was helped with that The train departed according to the timetable, 17.45 and I it was almost full. There was no fast train right [...]

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Three nights in Kashgar

I stayed for three days in Kashgar with my new friends from Nya Zeland, Diane and Rhys. Did not do much more than google maps and walk around the city. In the evenings, I, Rhys and Diane out for good food. I also received information from the tourist office that cycling to Hotan was not possible. The government had shut down for foreigners, some kind of military exercise they claimed Must take the train instead. [...]

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Kashgar next and the safest bike route I ever had

I wake up just before seven but was not sure If Rhys said Bejing time och Bishkek time so I waited to half past seven before I knocked on their door.  Rhys Iphone clock has changed back to Bishkek time, so it was only half past six instead of half past eight.   40 minutes later we both sit and have breakfast at a restaurant near the hotel, Diane passed. The bike ride towards Kashgar went [...]

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Irkeshtam China and new friends

My very first step on Chinese ground During the night it has blown really, but Hilleberg's Allak is also able to manage this kind of weather Have slept so-so but ten hours may still be considered satisfactory. Before crossing the Kyrgyzstan border, I stoped at the same cart as last night and order coffee, two fried eggs and a fried bread. I  brought with me two cans of yogurt and some sweet buns that I bought [...]

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