Some reflections from China trip

21 september I left China and heading Vietnam as I heard so much positive about. Almost 2 month more than 3600 km through had been both high and lows. My Route through China, 3600 km Lows: Their surveillance systems and controls are hard to understand. On several occasions, I had the police as a companion behind as I cycled, and at one point in Chaqiliq, also known as Ruoqiang in Xinjiang region they [...]

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Strange Behaviors amongs Chines men

Several times during my bicycle trip through China Hundreds of Chinese with the shirt or t-shirt pulled up and they show their stomach.   Strange behavior, but quite common among Chinese people I have seen it in the street, inside shops and stores, restaurants and bars and so on. Does anyone knowing why this behavior. I don't have a clue   See Yeah Later // P-G The Global Cyclist

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Hekou and Lao Cai, VISA problem and an positive e-mail

Now it's been almost a week since I last heard of me. During that time, I have applied for E-VISA via the Vietnamese Immigration Authority website. Many waterfalls in Yunnan valley The application was received, as well as the payment and I was informed that it would take three business days. I arrive at Hekou, the border of Vietnam and Lao Cai on 17 September. Just before Hekou there was an ID check and [...]

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I am looking forward to Vietnam

Right now I am close to Hongguo and there is about 560 km to the Vietnam border. The Yunnan Valley is more than beautiful, it is stunningly beautiful Almost two month in China is enough for me and now I'm looking forward to entering into Vietnam. I've heard so much positive about the country from other cyclists, and in addition my biker friends since last year Philp and Beta have already crossed the [...]

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Monster climbing and Beipanjiang Bridge disappointment

I woke up 06.30 and the first thing I did was to open my computer and connected  into Swedish televison , SVT to check what happened in the parliamentary elections (every fourth Year) After that I load my bicycle and then a easy breakfast 100 m down the street. I eat dumplings and jiuniang, which is very common breakfast in this part of China Dumpling consists of pieces of dough. The dough can be based [...]

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Yunnan valley and Dugexiang

My fever and fever aches has dropped and I'm ready to head south through the Yunnan Valley and then into Vietnam which I am now looking forward to. Almost two months in China with all the problems I've had, I think it's enough. My main goal now is to vist Beipanjiang Bridge, Duge och cycle over it. The bridge is the highest Suspension bridge in the world. The bridge seen from. Duge town [...]

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Fever and CNN in Luipanshui

When I come to Liupanshui my plan was only to stay one night but it end up at four. In the early morning I felt something is wrong with my body. I was tired and had minor ache in my body. After breakfast I checked my fever and the thermometer showed 39.3 C. OK, just face the situation and try to rehab fast as I can. From the reception I got a Chinese trick!! maybe [...]

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China six weeks

I have now been in China almost six weeks but I don't know what my opinion about the country really is. Have seen China from the inside, both positive and negative experiences. The positives are all meetings with people and I have seen how they live. Chinese people in general are just like everyone else, curious and friendly. Those who made my opinion negative are the system control from the state and that no Chinese [...]

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Dazu Rock Carvings and a Panda view

I woke up early because I had planned to visit one of many cliff carvings Dazu re famous for. The Dazu Rock Carvings are a series of Chinese religious sculptures and carvings located in Dazu area. The carvings date back as far as the 7th century AD, depicting and influenced by Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist beliefs. It is of course protected by and listed as a World Heritage Site. One of many amazing cliff [...]

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At least my rain and Dazu ock carvings

30 Augusti From Zitong to Dazu it was about 100 km to ride, mostly after smal national road. The heat is my worst antagonist It's awful and tough, but in afternoon the sky turned into dark, dark blue and the thunder was heard. 30 minutes later my rain came. It was lukewarm and it also cooled down the air with 5 + 6 degrees. Yippie-Ki-Yay, my rain coming to day. An hour later [...]

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