Flight day to New Zealand

April 27 The taxi driver appears punctually and 20 minutes later I load my bicycle carton and six bags on a trolley. The Garuda in checking personal at Jakarta Airport  got interested of me when Then found out that I cycled all the way from Sweden Search up Garuda check-in counter and all my bags. Then a coffee break at Starbucks cofffeebar. The best of all was that I was not needed to [...]

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I found it, twice

25 -27 April After searching two days for a place, bar or restaurant to rinse my neck with a cold beer I finally found a bar, just a few minutes walk from the hotel. Aston Hotel serving beer at theirs bar and close the hotel reception I also found a Irish pub. Unfortunately, it was closed but the guard outside said they were opening at five. I visit the bar and order a icecold local [...]

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Balikpapan and change of flight date to New Zealand

Soon I will leave Borneo för my third continent, Oceania and New Zealand. My flight was scheduled to depart April nine but due to the fact that I did not get access to BOSF in Nyeru Mentang, I will try to change the departure time to around March 26. My route to Balikpapan was quite easy but the heat was something else. Some days it almost kill me. I cycle through a number of small [...]

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Palangka Raya and Banjarmasin next

Still have not come across the disappointment of not visiting the Orangutang Center and seeing the animals from the inside. What to do, just grasp the nettle. I stayed to nights in Palangka Raya if anything positive would come from BOSFs head office in Java. To days later I got an answer from BOSF, and they thank me for my collection but also say that new routines have been introduced at the Rehabilitation Center and [...]

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A brief visit at BOSF

Day after my first visit and the sad message to visit the center was impossible without approval, I still got permission to see some of the Orangutanger at the proper distance and only the older ones. One of the female bosses, Okie, followed me around the area after a special canceled path so that I could see them in their natural habitat. Nyaru Menteng Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, run by the Borneo Orangutan Survival [...]

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a day of disappointment and resignation

From Sampit to BOSF it is about 200 km. My Kart application, Maps Me also shows that there are not many slopes to ride uphill. Quite easy. For every km south I come the more clearly I see how the rainforest has been destroyed. Lots of wetlands are drained out. Understands that organizations such as BOSF are really needed to try to rescue these fanatic animals. At the same time, the pulp oil plantation gives [...]

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Orangutan Center next goal

From Pontianak to the next hotel destination, it is about 750 km, calculate 8-10 days to reach there. Route planning is no problem, it is in princip only a single road to Sampit, if you do not want to find all the small gravel roads. This portal was on the top of a very tough hill I hade to climb First 50 km is quite easy cycling and very flat. Then I have to [...]

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Applying VISA approval, my bag is back and crossing the equator line

The difference between Singapore and Pontianak is abyss deep. No Skyscrapers, fancy and luxury gallerias, the roads are narrow, no sidewalks and the scooter traffic is terrible. Day after my arrival I took a ride across river Kapsus two bridges Kapuas river divides Pontuiak twice to visit the place Kapuas river divides Pontianak twice which divides the northern and southern hemisphere, Equator Monument. Twice a year march 21-23  and september 23 at noon [...]

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Jakarta and 15 hour wait for the next Take Off to Pontianak

19 February We arrived to Soekarno Hatta Airport at Jakarta few minutes befor 24.00. My next flight to Pontianak will departure 15.20 tomorrow. The first I did after landing was to look for an VISA at Arrival desk, and apply for extended stay at Borneo. My Swedish passport allow me to stay for thirty days without VISA but an extended VISA givs me xtra thirty days. The officer told me that an extended VISA receipt [...]

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Jakarta first then Borneo next

18 February My flight to Pontianak and Borneo depart late Monday night and the taxi driver pick me up at hotel 16.00. Forty five minutes later the taxi stops outside Terminal three and entrance 4. I load my bags and bicycle carton on a trolley and then looking up airline Guardas check in counter. My trolley is full loaded with my panniers, bags and bicycle carton . By By Singapore Everything works fine [...]

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