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Canal du Mid to Agde, Montpellier and heading north

From Beziers I follow the Canal du Midi and it was a nice surprise The Canal also named as  Canal de las Doas Mars, meaning a canal of the two seas, is a 240 km (150 mi) long canal in Southern France Locks at Bezier Ther canal is quite old, around mid or 1780.After the canal lie lots of small boats by the river bank, some of them for tourists but also home [...]

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Switchbacks and lovely bicycle ride to Perpignan and dogbite in Narbonne

7 Juni I slept well, even though it was cold during the night. The weather is half cloudy and my first 4-5 km is upwards but then downwards. When I arrive at Mont Louise after about 45 minutes of cycling, I stop at the first restaurant for an simpler breakfast. The swihtchbacks from Mont Louise was something extra to ride Now the weather also has change from cloudly to full sunshine and now [...]

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My last cycling in Spain was tough and landslides caused a car accident

From my tentplace to the France border I have to fight 75 km but first I have to pass Berga, and I plan a late breakfast here. 6 km and 200 meters altitude difference later I cycle into a very steep town. It is a small town, but at the moment it seems to be lively visited by tourists. Berga is an small but cozy town, and steep!! Lots of old houses [...]

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Tough climbing up to Andorra and into France

When I left Tarragona after three days of necessary rest I was ready for cycling up to Andorra and then into France. The weather has become much more hot and the flat roads had nto Tarragona was gone. Instead I get nice little villages to cycle through and beautiful scenery. Some slopes was really tough and  was glad if  could manage 80 km per day. This women gave  me water and a Cold COLA [...]

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Tarragona and Headng against Andorra

The end of the bjg Boulevard n Tarragona In Tarragona I stayed three nights at a cheap hostel close to center and the bg boulevard. Walking around and just took it easy before heading north to Andorra and nto France Some people has lots of money to spend…    Ten minutes walk from my hostel the Tarragona beach was reachable. A bath s always nice See Yeah later From BERGA AND [...]

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Levng Portugal and heading up nort to Andorra

As soon as I landed at Portugal's airport, I got problems with my pollen allergy. It got worse in the next few days but worst when I came to Seville and Valencia. Sneezing, nasal discharge and itching, as well as ocular itching, tearing and redness. The cycling from Portugal Carvoeiro to Ayamonte in Spain was pretty simple. Camped in Fuesta and then in El Rompido before I entering a hotel in Seville. Here I stayed two [...]

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Portugal and Spain

When I arrived to Europe, Faro in Portugal I stayed ther for two nights before I cycled to Carvoeiro and visiting my workmate Maggan and her husband Lars. View from my bedroom window in Faro which I arrived to very late In the name of truth, it feels good to be back in Europe. From Faro to Carvoeiro it is a easy cycling, only few slopes. I arrived to Carvoeiro around 3 o'clock [...]

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