Samarkand is a modern city, Uzbekistan’s second largest. The Fairy Tale City,”Thousand and One Nights” you do not see much of it. The traffic is lively but respects pedestrians much like home in Sweden and lots of people every where.

Of course there are old monuments and buildings left to visit and it is incredibly beautiful and breathtaking.
It’s hard to understand what incredible craftsmanship is behind all this beauty that the buildings have
I stayed in Samarkand in a hotel for four nights and had time to visit a lot of the beautiful old monuments and buildings.

Also got my four rear heel spokes fixed.

Bicycle workshop

From Samarkand to Tajikistan border it is no more than 40 km so it should not take long. My Uzbekistan visa expires on August 19, so before that, I have to be out of the country.

On the 17th, I left Samarkand to reach the Tajikan border 40km later. Problermet is now that the limit is closed by some reason why they can not explain when the guards can not speak a single word English.

After half an hour’s discussion !! Without solution and help, I get crazy and say to one of the guards loudly that I hope the United States will make the process short with this border station.

He looks at me with big eyes but nothing more happens. Cycled back to the hotel and got help to fix a private driver who takes me and the bike to the nearest open border station.

The border station’s nearest town is Devon and to the Tchikistan border it is only 35 km.
Coming late in the evening and chaufföfen finds a suitable cheap hotel for me.

The next morning, the 18th of August, the last day of my Visum, I cycle through the city to the border station and before I arrived I meet a Dutchman on a touring cycle. Hes name Was Onno, who will also go the same way to me, to Duschanbe

The border crossing went smoothly and we camped about 30 km later next to a long canal with very cold but refreshing water.

In the morning we will cycle into Dushanbe, the Tajikistan capital and Green House Hostel that we intend to live on. From our campingsite beside the canal it is about 50 km to go so we should enter the town around noon


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