My journey needs fitness

Friskis & Svettis (F&S) is my favorite fitness place, excellent leaders with 125% enthusiasm, energi and joy. Five to six days a week, I change clothes for sweaty activities, but the social contact with others also means a lot. PowerHour with Åsa is something special, everytime Without these meetings training would become quite boring. I am gonna miss these exercisers, all of them. Almost three years without F&S, it's hard to imagine, but [...]

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Vaccinations are necessary

To avoid the most serious diseases you must suffer an while. vaccinations are important Five continents requires a number of syringes but with help of a nurse in worldclass it's like a piece of a cake.   and together with my satellite tracing system, Spot3 Gen  and their GEOS service I paid for... ...I feel safe...(:-) Spot 3 Gen-Satellite Tracing System Should anything serious happen to me I only need to  push [...]

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Local media is curious

My global bicycle trip interests more than just myself, and today the local news visit me and would like to know more of my thoughts and how my route looks like, why I am doing this trip and what part of the trip I most look forward to and so on. Outside it is full winter which nowadays is a rarity even up here i north and sadly enough, it will become increasingly common. The [...]

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