From the safe and secure existence in northeast Sweden this journey starts. I will visit places I’ll never been before and many of those will give me goose bumps but also pass through places that reminds me where I come from.

During my previous cycling trips around Europe and Cuba, I have fascinated by people’s incredible goodness and helpfulness, even though their daily lives are completely different from my own. Helpfulness and Kindness are two words that I would put as a title for these people

I hope that I through this blog will be able to convey my meetings and experiences with these people as fair as possible to you.

So, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Join my journey

// P-G

The Global Cyclist

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Total Distans From Start

After a tough climbing day before up to Colle della Maddalena  I’m’ in Italy, my 27 th country in this tour.

From early morning to noon I cycled with views like this. World Class, amazing. Lake Wanaka in New Zealand. One of the most Beautiful roads  I cycled on

You lose the spirit and get goose bumps of all the beautiful landscapes New Zealand offers you