From the safe and secure existence in northeast Sweden this journey starts.

I will visit places I’ll never been before and many of those will give me goose bumps but also pass through places that reminds me where I come from.

During my previous bike tours around Europe and Cuba, I have marveled at people’s incredible goodness and helpfulness despite the fact that their daily life is totally different from my own.

Helpfulness and Friendliness are two words that I would put as title for these people.

I hope that I through this blog will be able to convey my meetings and experiences with these people as fair as possible

So, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Join my journey

/ P-G

The Global Cyclist

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Leaving Sary Tash in Kyrgistan and heading against Irkeshtam and the Chinese border

Downhill, to high speed and a wet stain on the asphalt was all that was needed to crash. Scrubbed but nothing broken (China)

Memories from 1974 and James Bond The movie The Man With The Golden Gun popped up in my memory as we passed this bay, Scaramanga bay on the island of Phi Phi Island, Thailand